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Malek Yassin

Middle East Clinical Lead

Malek’s main professional drive is to work tirelessly for the most vulnerable groups in our society, and this drive has led him to lead and design diverse programmes all around the world, including government programs, private clinics and charities in Asia and the Middle East.

His extensive mental health and addictions experience has led to development of treatment programs across Asia and the Middle East, where he specialises in bilingual delivery or experiential treatment. Malek’s support and guidance has enabled The Wave to offer high-quality treatment in both Arabic and English. For families and individual who reach out to us, Malek will be your ongoing support and communication with your loved one’s treatment.

Malek began working as an addiction counsellor in Behman Hospital in Egypt and quickly developed the skills and passion to pioneer specialised addiction and behavioural health projects for vulnerable and under-served groups when he worked as a program supervisor for the “Befrienders’ Harm Reduction Project’ expanding HIV prevention and care services for Most at Risk population (MARP’s) in Cairo. Malek has most recently managed a dynamic youth and young person’s program, for international clients based in Asia.

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Mohammad Kathrada

Mohammad comes to us from Mauritius, with his own experience in recovery. As getting treatment for his addiction was part of his journey, Mohammad knows the value of therapy and good support system in treatment settings. He brings with him the experience of working in rehab in Africa and Asia. Having a thirst for knowledge, …

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Jef Mullins

Jef has multiple diplomas and degrees and many years of experience in leadership at treatment centers in the UK, Asia, and the US. Jef and Fiona have worked very closely together for many years and it was their shared dream to create a leading behavioural healthcare centre for young people.
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Fiona Markham, Clinical Director at the Wave

Fiona Markham

Fiona’s career has taken her around the world, with recent projects in the US, Europe, India, Middle East and South East Asia. With post-graduate training in the UK and Europe in Psychotherapy and mental health as well as a certified trauma specialist, she is a trainer of clinicians, and has delivered lectures and training across the globe.
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Dr. Antonio Metastasio

Dr Metastasio graduated Magna cum Laude in Medicine at the University of Perugia in Italy. He subsequently trained in Psychiatry in Cambridge. After his graduation Dr Metastasio completed a Master degree in Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Most recently Dr Metastasio graduated in MSt in Genomic Medicine at the University of Cambridge, the cradle of genetics in the UK. His thesis was about the pharmacogenomics of antipsychotics.
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