Expert Substance Addiction Treatment

Substance Addiction Treatment

Residential treatment for substance addictions is recognised as the most effective treatment method compared with alternatives such as outpatient or self-guided treatment. The Wave Clinic treats a wide range of addictions including substance addictions. We'll help you to create a personalised plan that allows you to effectively manage your treatment both during and after rehab.

What is a substance addiction?

Substance addiction, sometimes called drug addiction, is one of the pandemics of our time.  Wikipedia defines it as 'an adaptive state that develops from repeated drug administration, and which results in withdrawal upon cessation of drug use'.  A study by the US National Library of Medicine says that substance or drug addiction is a 'neuropsychiatric disorder characterised by a recurring desire to continue taking the drug despite harmful consequences'.

In short, substance addictions can be described as compelling urges to use drugs and/or alcohol even when you know that they will do you harm. The instant relief offered becomes more important than long-term physical or mental health and wellness.

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Drug Addiction

  • Some of the substances most associated with addiction include:

  • Alcohol

  • Heroin

  • Prescription medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin

  • Synthetic opioids like Fentanyl

  • Methamphetamines

  • Barbiturates

  • Anti-depressants

  • Cocaine

Is substance abuse the same as substance addiction?


Unlike substance abuse, which is more likely to be intermittent, addiction to any substance is a complex long-term disease that requires expert treatment such as that offered by The Wave Clinic. Please note that substance abuse – as opposed to addiction - should not be taken lightly either. While many so-called 'recreational' users won't go on to develop an addiction, many others will so it's imperative that you seek qualified advice if you're worried about yourself or someone else.

Who is affected by substance addiction

Addiction to various substances can affect all age groups, but many of those who go on to become habitual users will have their first encounter with illicit drugs before they leave their teens.  Once hooked, addicts experience painful and prolonged physical withdrawal symptoms and find it extremely hard to break the pattern of finding drugs and taking them to relieve their cravings.


Why is it so difficult to just stop?


People who don't use drugs or alcohol often mistakenly regard addicts as weak-willed or lacking in motivation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, regular substance use causes profound changes to the brain that happen over a period of time. These alterations cause painful withdrawals and affect willpower making it exceedingly difficult for users to say no to drugs or alcohol.

Furthermore, when the substance of choice isn't available, some addicts are likely to try various alternatives. Others mix and match drugs and alcohol or use different combinations of drugs on a daily basis thus compounding the problem.  This practice also puts addicts at greater risk of overdose or death. However, the earlier you seek help, the better your chances of regaining overall health and finding the balance that will enable you to enjoy a more productive and satisfying life.

How can substance addiction treatment help?

A professionally-managed treatment plan gives those struggling with substance addictions the support and motivation they need to succeed.  At The Wave Clinic, we treat the whole person rather than just the addiction. In many cases, substance addictions go hand in hand with mental health issues or serious health conditions.

Our team of fully-qualified doctors, counsellors and therapists address all these elements before devising a personalised course of treatment that can be fully tailored to your needs. This type of supportive and structured approach helps recovering addicts to replace chaotic behaviours with planned living strategies that will better prepare them for the future.

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  • Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of choosing a managed treatment plan for substance addiction?

Substance addiction is a 'relapsing disease'.  Relapse is the term used to refer to drug or alcohol use that occurs once you have started a treatment plan. Although it's more likely during the early stages of recovery, relapse can occur even when someone has been drug-free for many years. That's why treatment for substance addictions is lifelong - once on the road to recovery, you're always in recovery. By following a specially devised treatment programme,  you have a much higher chance of managing your substance addictions in the long term and avoiding the triggers that can lead to relapse.

Who can benefit from professionally-managed treatment?

Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol on a regular basis. The Wave Clinic particularly focuses on clients who may have missed key educational or developmental stages because of their substance addictions. However, addicts of any age or background will benefit from a structured programme with a solid support network such as ours.

How long should I expect to be in residential substance addiction treatment?

If you're aiming for long-term change, 10 to 12 week residential care cycles followed by a transitory period of step down treatment are proven to be the most effective.  Of course, we will always take all personal circumstances into account when devising the best course of action for you.

How long does recovery take?

Once you're on the path to recovery, you should consider it a lifelong challenge.  There are numerous pitfalls along the way and many people will relapse at some point. However, with a good support network and ongoing counselling or therapy, you can overcome any obstacle.

Does the substance matter?

No. Whether you're addicted to heroin, Fentanyl, anti-depressants, alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamines or any combination of these or other substances, we can help.

What's the next step?

Once you've accepted that substance addiction is a problem for you or someone close to you, you should seek professional advice and help. The earlier you address your addiction and any underlying issues, the sooner you're likely to be enjoying life again.

Expert treatment for substance addiction

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At The Wave Clinic, we treat all types of substance addictions and offer specialised programmes for all clients.  Our prestigious location in a peaceful and pleasant district of Kuala Lumpur is the ideal setting for those recovering from various addictions such as substance addictions, process addictions, behavioural disorders and food disorders. Our dedicated and highly-qualified professional team can help you through the early stages of recovery thanks to a range of treatments that includes holistic and complementary therapies, physical exercise, counselling and education. Whatever your worries, we're always here to talk about the best possible course of action so do feel free to contact us at any time.