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Our dedicated facility provides intensive medium and long-term care in a structured setting for teens, emerging adults and adults.

Adolescents, young adults and adults require unique and dedicated treatment approaches, focusing on behavioral and developmental strategies appropriate to their age whilst also involving and supporting the family system.

Research indicates that young people, with psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders benefit from services that are designed specifically for this age range. Educational, psychotherapeutic support and physical activities are combined to produce a program that focuses on the individual developmental needs. Prognosis for young adults greatly improves following treatment in intensive care settings.

The above also applies to adults who also require educational and psychotherapeutic support as well as physical activities appropriate to their age and experience. Treatment for all ages should involve the family and range from a simple understating of how family dynamics influence and affect the client right through to involving the family in treatment to create lasting healthy relationships.

Depression, anxiety, family dynamics and associated concerns are addressed in a stimulating environment. Diagnosis and underlying issues can be adequately addressed with medically assisted treatment, where necessary.

10 to 12 week cycles, with step down care are seen to be most effective in producing long-term change.

Daily schedules include psychoeducational components, group therapy, individual therapy and goal setting, physical activities, social skills and personal development. The family is encouraged to take part in systems therapy to promote lasting change.

As well as this highly effective treatment programme, clients are removed their day to day environment and the negative "using" triggers that go along with, and have the opportunity to participate in a range of stimulating excursions in one of the Asis'a most attractive and diverse locations. The Wave Clinic has the experience and the staff to boast a proven track record of helping people achieve lasting recovery.

We work in tandem with education, medical and legal teams to support adolescents and young people to transition into adulthood.

Our behavioral health and addiction treatment programmes are  inclusive of private room accommodation, individual and group addiction counselling sessions, fitness/yoga therapy, massage treatment, all meals, all weekly excursions and aftercare support.

Treatment programmes include but are not linited to:

• Eating disorders
• Trauma such as bullying
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Troubled teens
• Survivors of suicide/homicide
• Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction
• Psychosis

Professional partners in every continent recommend our programme and we work with clients from Asia, the Middle East, Australia, The UK and other countries around the globe.

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