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World-class treatment programme located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome To The Wave Clinic

The Wave is a leading behavioural healthcare and wellness center helping its clients address the psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders that are putting their and their family’s future at risk.

Located just outside Kuala Lumpur, The Wave Clinic is at the forefront of the global medical tourism boom and perfectly situated to take advantage of Malaysia’s well-deserved reputation as the world’s leading medical tourism destination with accompanying world standard medical facilities and staff. 

Simply put, we believe change is possible in the lives of every  person who walks through our doors. Our individualized treatment programmes are expertly and clinically designed to give each client the opportunity to achieve in every area of their lives.

Set in a spectacular location in Kuala Lumpur, clients are able to enjoy a personal, safe space that is ideal for reflection and growth, but also have the opportunity to engage in community living in a high care therapeutic environment.

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Who does The Wave help?

The Wave is designed to help individuals and their families address psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders that have reached a point that they are affecting the well-being of all involved. Professional partners in every continent recommend our programme and we work with clients from Australia, SE Asia, the Middle East and around the globe.


About Our Programme

Learn more about our treatment programme and why The Wave is has gained a reputation as one of the best rehabs in the region providing intelligent and effective care in a safe and caring environment. 

Why Trust Us?

Read about what makes The Wave special, what are our key unique selling points that set us apart from our competition and make us the region's leading addiction and mental health care provider.

Meet The Team

We boast some of the best clinicians in the addiction and behavioral health fields.  With years of top-level experience, the team at The Wave are all trained and licensed treatment professionals.

Our Team of International Experts

We've put together a team of caring, compassionate, and highly skilled professionals that we believe are worthy of your trust. In addition, we have an international advisory board in place to ensure we maintain the highest standards of care.



All Healing Takes Place in a Relationship....


Recommended by Professionals and Clients Worldwide


Alice Dill Prasetyoko

Founder of The Lighthouse Bali

With a wealth of experience and the most up to date treatment modalities, we know that The Wave provides a remarkable service which we fully endorse. The Wave specialises in assisting teens and young adults—a field which is under-catered for in today's rehabilitation market. The Lighthouse Bali stands behind their commitment and dedication to making a change in the lives of young people. We will not hesitate to direct clients their way.


Garry Irvin

Head of Client Admissions, The Dawn Rehab and Wellness Centre

Whenever we identify a client who would benefit from a dedicated, intensive youth-focused treatment model, we unhesitatingly refer them to Fiona and her team at the specialist Wave treatment centre.


Martin Peters

Program Director, Lanna Healthcare

We have long needed a program in SE Asia that caters specifically to younger people. I am really pleased that the team at The Wave are now open for admissions, and all of us at Lanna wish every success to Fiona and the rest of the team.


Sandi James

Registered Psychologist/Addictions Therapist

The team at The Wave have a long history of effectively supporting and encouraging young people into lives they find meaningful and worthwhile. Family therapy is a key component, alongside the individual therapies provided for the young person. The team are skilled and knowledgeable in their field and provide effective and evidence-based treatment for young people and families who are struggling. 

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Ahmed K

Former Client

I have been here 6 weeks I really think it’s a very good and healthy environment and I recommend this place too all that need the help as I found myself thank you to the team the wave god bless.

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