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Are you wondering whether you should seek treatment for alcohol addiction? Alcohol abuse can affect people of any age or background and the consequences can be far-reaching. Those addicted to alcohol are more likely to succumb to serious diseases like cirrhosis or become homeless, yet many users still hesitate to seek professional help.  Some habitual drinkers are in denial and adamant that they are in control while others are embarrassed to reveal the extent of their drinking to their friends and family.  However, once you take that all-important first step of addressing the issue, recovery becomes a real option - particularly when you choose a professionally lead treatment programme such as those offered by The Wave Clinic.

Alcohol addiction today – the facts

Alcohol addiction is a global epidemic. According to the Australian Institute for Health and Wellness,  more people seek treatment for alcohol addiction than for any other main drug of concern. In the US, drinking is more common among under 15s than it was a decade ago and an NHS study in the UK found that, when asked, 58% of adults over the age of 16 admitted to drinking during the previous week.  If you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, it's vital that you seek help. Binge drinking, chronic drinking, heavy drinking and alcoholism can all be treated, and a professional treatment plan offers the highest chance of recovery.

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The five key benefits of seeking treatment for alcohol addiction

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There are several key benefits to choosing an age appropriate programme that targets your specific needs rather than trying to detox and recover at home.  These include:

  • Media Support

    1. Medical support

    Anyone who has been drinking regularly or heavily for some time might experience mild or protracted withdrawal symptoms. For young adults and adolescents who have underlying mental or physical health issues, these withdrawals can be even more difficult. Choosing a professionally-lead programme such as that offered by The Wave Clinic ensures that you have the ongoing care and medical supervision you need to get you through these trying first stages.  

  • Structure and support

    2. Structure and support

    As a drinker, you probably had a fairly chaotic lifestyle. The destructive cycle of obtaining alcohol and drinking is hard to break on your own, and those who try to detox and go through the early stages of recovery at home are more likely to relapse. Exchanging a setting where you have access to alcohol for one that's alcohol free, structured and therapeutic has many advantages. Our professional care programme combines group and personal therapy sessions with holistic treatments and educational and physical activities. A daily timetable teaches young adults, adolescents and adults how to plan and structure their days while an extensive support network that includes care professionals, peers and family greatly improves the chance of recovery and ongoing sobriety.

  • Intensive care and ongoing treatment

    3. Intensive care and ongoing treatment

    If you're seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, you already know that the path ahead won't be easy.  However, choosing rehab makes it more likely that you'll succeed in staying sober when you return to day to day life. The Wave Clinic offers medium and long-term live-in treatment for a variety of addictions including alcohol and drug abuse. An intensive programme covers everything from physical and mental health and wellness to living without alcohol and planning for the future. You'll learn the skills you need to enjoy a life that's productive, enjoyable and alcohol-free and you'll have access to various educational classes and outdoor activities.

  • Family Support

    4. Family Support

    A dedicated treatment programme will provide information and support for your family and loved ones. At The Wave Clinic, we encourage families to work together and to address concerns they have with alcohol addiction in general and your treatment and care in particular. This might include discussions on how basic family dynamics affect or influence you, or how family participation is vital to your recovery. There is a good chance that your relationship with certain members of your family has suffered because of your alcohol addiction.  Opting for professional treatment not only illustrates your willingness to change, but it also allows you the space to rebuild these important relationships with the assistance of fully-trained counsellors and therapists.

  • Aftercare

    5. Aftercare

    Based on your personal needs, treatment for alcohol addiction might carry on for months or even years after you leave residential care.  In some cases, alcohol abuse is linked to mental illnesses like depression while in others it's accompanied by underlying medical conditions such as liver disease. Even if you feel fit and healthy, suddenly finding yourself sober and on your own after the structured setting of rehab can leave you feeling vulnerable. In order to avoid relapse, it's recommended that recovering alcoholics seek ongoing treatment such as meetings, counselling or peer support. We'll help you to create a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle as well as providing advice and further assistance when required.

Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction

When you're ready to seek treatment for alcohol addiction, we'll be here to help. The Wave Clinic is Asia's  leading behavioural health facility and alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre for adolescents, young adults and adults.  Lead by dedicated professionals, our individually tailored 6-10 week treatment plans cover every aspect of alcohol abuse and provide clients with the skills, knowledge and support they need to rebuild their lives. Set in a beautiful location in Kuala Lumpur, The Wave's peaceful and tranquil environment encourages growth, recovery and ongoing sobriety.

If you're still wondering whether you should seek treatment for alcohol addiction for yourself or a loved one, do feel free to contact us for more detailed information and advice.

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