Why Trust the Wave Rehab?

Why Trust Us?

Opening in 2018, The Wave Clinic has quickly emerged as one of the leading behavioural healthcare and wellness centres in the region, helping teens, young adults and adults address psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders that are putting at risk the individual, their family and their future.

Located just outside the city of Kuala Lumpur, The Wave Clinic is at the forefront of a global medical tourism boom and perfectly situated to take advantage of Malaysia’s well-deserved reputation as the world’s leading medical tourism destination with accompanying world standard medical facilities and staff.

The Wave Clinic treats clients staring from teens aged 16 to 19 through to adults.  The staff at The Wave are all professionally trained and accredited with many years of experience and represent the finest psychiatric, behavioral health and substance use disorders treatment professionals in the region.

As Asia’s leading behavioural health and addiction rehabilitation centre, The Wave offers affordable, expert addiction treatment in an elegant and healing setting. Our client’s privacy, safety and anonymity are of the upmost importance, their well-being is at the forefront of everything we do.

Programme and Reputation

  • Excellence in care, demonstrated by experienced, respected and credentialed staff utilising a proven and unique set of clinical treatment tools, as opposed to currently trendy combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Yoga seen in many regional rehabs.
  • With a focus on helping individuals AND their families in crisis, The Wave’s depth of experience and training see it achieve success where others don’t. We are known for taking the "hard cases" and winning.
  • Emphasis on family. Structured and effective inclusion of family in treatment and aftercare sees better and lasting results.
  • Professional recognition. Recommended by many highly regarded professionals in the field.
  • Professional network. Owners/senior staff have worked successfully in leading treatment centres globally. Strong associations with universities and other training institutions. Regular speakers at leading counselling conferences globally.
  • Individualized care plans developed with the family and delivered in small, nurturing environments. Specialty programmes/tracks. Access to long-term care.
  • Clear understanding of the relationship between age and various treatment methods/styles available. Teens, young adults, adults all need specific and individualised approaches to treatment appropriate to their age group.
  • Ten to twelve-week programme affords the client time for proper treatment and recovery to take place. Access to continuing aftercare and outpatient treatment both locally and at home.
  • Global networks and experience mean that the treatment team demonstrate strong cultural understandings and apply this knowledge in constrictive and productive ways in the treatment setting.
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“I tried to ignore how I was feeling, but after a short time at The Wave I realized I needed help. I am happier and more focused now than I have ever been.” Michelle 22, Australia, - 22 years old client

Location and Facilities

Kuala Lumpur skyline
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  • Excellent location offering rich cultural diversity, large and reputable medical infrastructure and a range of attractions and activities. Tourist/medical-tourist friendly, central location in SE Asia and modern infrastructure. Safe.
  • Malaysia is a safe and modern country with sophisticated infrastructures including transport, medical, insurance and finance. There are also countless leading hotels and world-class tourist destinations within easy reach.
  • One flight from most regional capitals with access to many international and low-cost airlines. Daily flights from most destinations worldwide.
  • More affordable than some similar programmes in the region and globally, with greater access to professional medical staff, treatments and services.
  • Able to offer medical treatments not available in other treatment destinations such as Naltrexone and Suboxone. These treatments can be important in treating substance abuse and withdrawal. Not having access to them could affect long-term treatment outcomes.
  • Accommodation and facilities offer a relaxing, luxury experience enabling the client to fully-focus on their treatment as well as take advantage of numerous physical activities offered to improve physical health at the same time.

 “With a wealth of experience and the most up to date treatment modalities, we know that The Wave provides a remarkable service which we fully endorse.” Alice Dill Prasetyoko - Founder of The Lighthouse Bali

Caring, Professionally Delivered Behavioural Health and Substance Abuse Treatment 

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Malaysia Direct: +60 32 727 1799

Australia Toll Free: +61 1800 952 486

UK Toll Free: +44 800 802 1498

Arabic Programme: +60 12 828 2756


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